A Roleplaying Game of Pulp Adventure

Built on the Year Zero Engine

Terror! Suspense!

You will not believe the dangers in store for your intrepid heroes! Will they discover ancient secrets, lost civilizations, or priceless treasure? Will they escape treacherous villains, evil super powers, or deathly traps?

Temples & Tombs is a roleplaying game devoted to recreating the fast-paced adventure popularized in pulp magazines that led to films like Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Mummy (1999), and Romancing the Stone. 

Built on the Year Zero Engine by Fria Ligan AB, Temples & Tombs is a fast-paced, adventurous game of tough heroes, dramatic set pieces, danger, and mystery. 

The next best action/adventure flick is coming soon to a gaming group near you!

  • Choose from thirteen archetypes, each with their own special skills

  • Fast-paced play where heroes get into trouble, but never leave the story

  • Adapted from YZ0 to create heroic and cinematic characters

  • Scene-framing structure designed to emulate your favorite adventure movie

  • Tons of tables and ideas for MacGuffins, set pieces, threats, dungeons, and traps!

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Beta Version Available Now for Patrons!

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